The Pain Bullet is highly engineered to bring high levels of bio-availability to our all natural ingredients.

Why Topical?

The PainBullet is’s attempt to bring about change in the war against opioids. As is well known, the Opioid epidemic causes and wreaks havoc in well and unwell populations in the US inparticular, and indeed, across the world.

A topical anti-inflammatory, if properly formulated and applied using measured dosages, can have similar effects to oral opioids without effects on the body’s internal organs including intestines, liver, kidneys and bladder.
Our unique formulation is the only one to combine powerful, naturally derived ingredients in a synergistic gel-like formulation, using a natural emulsifier to mix all ingredients, and keep them in solution.

Other preparations, like BenGay and BioFreeze either use powerful petroleum based emulsifiers and surfactants to try to make the ingredients absorb via skin, but don’t use any gel or aqueous ingredients to ensure that these active ingredients move away from the surface layer of the skin, to penetrate into the body itself (where anti-inflammatory and pain management effects take place).

The above is from the ‘Tisserand Institute,’ explaining why gel preparations are more easily absorbed than oil-based ones.

The above is a result of a simple test of absorption of linalool when applied to the forearm; gel preparations are shown to be far superior in terms of absorption of anti-inflammatory and pain management ingredients.

In addition to topical benefits, you will notice the Pain Bullet has a strong, distinctive aroma when applied to and agitated on the skin. The Pain Bullet embraces it’s aromatherapy synergies so as to relieve pain both locally and centrally when applied:

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