Speech Therapy

Rehabilitation & Wellness Associates’ speech therapists work on an outpatient basis to assist patients who have speech difficulties either because of overall cognitive impairment (dementia, right hemisphere brain injury, traumatic brain injury etc.) or motor speech disorders like apraxia, dysarthria or stroke.

In the later the messages from the brain to the mouth are disrupted and patients cannot move their lips or tongue to the right place to say sounds correctly, even though muscles are not necessarily weak.

Besides working to improve speech and general communication skills, they also help patients improve issues related to breathing and coughing, to limit choking or loss of oxygen to the brain, and limiting the effects of dementia.

Our Speech Language Pathologists are also trained in the use of electric stimulation and augmented communication to improve oral skills and communication as needed.

For more information about speech therapy contact the American Speech-Language Hearing Association: www.asha.org