• The Pain Bullet combines age-old therapies with cutting-edge bioavailability and dosage techniques to bring you safe, effective and measurable doses of our topical pain management medication.
  • Ingredients and Excipients: The below combine some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory and ‘regenerative’ topicals known to science.

Product Comparisons

  • Ben-Gay – our product uses an aqueous gel base for fast absorption, improved length of action and effectiveness
  • BioFreeze – our product, containing all natural ingredients, contains no silica, parabens or other petroleum by-products which may be harmful to your skin or health in general.
  • Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream: – our product uses FDA approved ingredients, and is FDA registered, meaning you can be assured of the safety while using our product.

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+1 866-No-Pain0

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