1. Pre-Manual Therapy:

  • Inspect area, ensure no skin wounds, abrasions irritations or other openings are present in the area of a application.


  • Ensure your patient or client has no allergies to any of the ingredients in this solution. Do not apply this medication to patients or clients in respiratory distress.


  • There are no drug synergies noted for the active ingredients used in this solution, however, consult a physician before applying to a pregnant or other ‘high risk’ patient (including those with moderate-severe cardiac, neurological, immune or visceral disease or degeneration.


  • Apply up to 1 ml of The Pain Bullet Manual Therapy Solution to manual therapy area or joint requiring lubrication. Glide is effective without noticeable increase in friction between finger and skin, for approximately 70 strokes in one square inch area (anecdotal), allowing for the proper management of myofascial issues, trigger points, scar tissue or shortened/lengthened tissues.

2. Post-Manual Therapy:

  • The Pain Bullet Topical Solution to dermatome relating to area of pain. The Pain Bullet is the only over-the-counter medication available in North America, specifically formulated by clinicians with the primary goals of improving pain-free movement and function.


  • Over the past several years, while establishing one of Maryland’s largest privately-owned rehabilitation agencies, our clinical team has had access to several thousand patients per year


  • Through this robust exposure, our clinical team noted the gap in high-end, organically derived topical pain management solutions and thus developed its own proprietary, inhouse solution of essential oils for topical application and use for in-house patients. The essential oil mix itself has had great reviews, and is analogous to: