Occupational Therapy

As the American Occupational Therapy Association puts it, the occupational therapist asks patients “What matters to you?” not “What’s the matter with you?”

Our licensed and highly-trained occupational therapists at Rehabilitation & Wellness Associates help their patients do the things they want to do and need to do to sustain themselves and to live as independently as possible.

We embrace a holistic perspective on our patients’ lives as we work to help them adapt their environments to fit their capabilities.
We help our patients to build their strength and expand their range of motion. We help promote their independence in conducting daily living such as getting dressed, making meals, grooming and getting around their community.

We conduct assessments of patient environments to help them prevent falls and injuries. We also provide electric stimulation and thermal techniques (ice/heat/ultrasound) to help patients manage pain and improve their general function.

Many of the patients we work with are post-surgery, post cardiovascular disease, post stroke and post motor-vehicle accident. We help them to improve their functionality so they can again operate in their daily environment.

For more information about occupational therapy, check out the American Occupational Therapy Association: www.aota.org.

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