• The Pain Bullet uniquely formulated solution uses Amigel ® as its base instead of petrochemicals or petroleum products like silica, carbomer or Carbopol.

• Amigel® is an all-natural, plant based gelling agent and stabilizer that provides natural skin treatments with a soft and supple texture.

• The Pain Bullet’s proprietary synergistic formulation of active ingredients represents a melding of philosophies and approaches, combining age-old, time-tested pain modulation ingredients with cutting edge plant-based technologies to bring the cleanest, safest and most effective over the counter topical pain solution available in North America today.


The Pain Bullet is a custom-blended, all-natural topical pain management solution for both pain sufferers and clinicians alike. 

Our solution began as an in-office remedy for our patients in 2015, meant to improve pain-free movement return to function after injury and has been fine-tuned with patient feedback ever since.

The Pain Bullet’s standardized formulation now represents the results of feedback from over 8,000 patient exposures over the past 4 years. 

Using only FDA-approved ingredients, the Pain Bullet is considered generally acceptable and safe for use as indicated.

The Pain Bullet is considered a synergistic formulation, meaning each active ingredient is meant to increase the efficacy of its peers. In this way, The Pain Bullet can claim its spot amongst the most effective, longest-lasting over the counter topical pain management solution available in the market today.