Why Topical?

The Pain Bullet

A cooling gel, comprised of all-natural ingredients, this solution can safely be applied to the area of pain up to three times per day.

With Copaiba Resin (1000 mg per 10-day supply), Bioavailable Boswellic Acids (1000 mg per 10-day supply), Salicylic Acid (2%), Menthol (3%), Camphor (3%).

This product is available in 10-day, 15-day and 30-day supplies

**Used to manage daily sprains, strains, aches and arthritis-related pains. Also beneficial for post-surgical joints, including knee and hip replacements, shoulder, foot and hand surgery.

Application for Patient Use:

1. Hold roller bottle upside down, applying solution in a circular motion.

2. Apply up to 1/2 mL (use the ruled measurements along the side of the bottle label) to each area of pain, up to four times daily.

3. The average volume used per application by our current patients is about ¼ mL, meaning each 10 mL bottle represents 40 applications.

4. Discontinue use if irritation occurs or persists.

The vitamins, minerals and active ingredients used in this formulation are best-suited to, and are shown to be most effective after 6-8 weeks of regular, continuous use.


Formulated for people
who suffer from:

• Arthritis
• Back Pain
• Knee Pain
• Hand Pain
• Shoulder Pain
• Ankle Pain
• Injuries
• Muscle Strain


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