• For Pain Management Clinicians – The Pain Bullet Clinical Solution
  • With jojoba oil, this ‘medium glide’ compound allows for immediate cooling and pain management while allowing clinicians to mobilize joints and muscles (including their attachments) with limited irritation to the patient.
  • With: Salicylic Acid (3%), Copaiba Resin (1200 mg per 10-day supply), Bioavailable Boswellic Acids (1200 mg per 10-day supply), Menthol (3%), Camphor (3%)
  • This product is available in 30-day, 60-day and 90-day supplies
  • **Beneficial for use by Pain Management Anaesthesiologists, Chiropractors, , Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers.

– Arthritis
– Back pain
– Knee pain
– Hand / Shoulder pain
– Ankle pain
– Injuries, muscle sprains or strains.

– Chiropractors
– Physical Therapists
– Massage Clinicians
– Pain Management Physicians and Licensed Professionals

Application For Clinicians

Specially formulated for use by manual therapy and pain management clinicians alike. Apply to painful area, three to four times daily. Allow 60 seconds to begin absorption into skin, before covering. Comprised of ingredients specially formulated for fast absorption of the naturally-sourced active and inactive ingredients listed.

  • Pre-Manual Therapy
  • Inspect area, ensure no skin wounds, abrasions irritations or other openings are present in the area of a application.
  • Ensure your patient or client has no allergies to any of the ingredients in this solution. Do not apply this medication to patients or clients in respiratory distress.
  • There are no drug synergies noted for the active ingredients used in this solution, however, consult a physician before applying to a pregnant or other ‘high risk’ patient (including those with moderate-severe cardiac, neurological, immune or visceral disease or degeneration.
  • Apply up to 1 ml of the Pain Bullet Manual Therapy Solution to manual therapy area or joint requiring lubrication. Glide is effective without noticeable increase in friction between finger and skin, for approximately 70 strokes in one square inch area (anecdotal), allowing for the proper management of myofascial issues, trigger points, scar tissue or shortened/lengthened tissues.
  • Post-Manual Therapy
  • Repeat above steps a-c
  • Apply up to 1 ml of the Pain Bullet Topical Solution to dermatome relating to area of pain