For Pain Sufferers

The Pain Bullet® Daily Use

Comprised of Aloe Vera, along with our active
ingredients for fast absorption, non-greasy feel,
and pain modulation with regular, daily use.

The Pain Bullet Clinical Solution

Comprised of Jojoba and Grapeseed,
along with our active ingredients for
fast absorption and glide.

The Pain Bullet® More Benefits 

The Pain Bullet® combines age-old therapies with cutting-edge bio availability and dosage techniques to bring you safe, effective and measurable doses of our topical pain management medication

Ingredients and Excipients: The below combine some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory and ‘regenerative’ topicals known to science.

Salicylic Acid







Product Comparisons

Ben Gay – Our product uses an aqueous gel base for fast absorption, improved length of action and effectiveness


Bio Freeze – Our product, containing all natural ingredients, contains no silica, parabens or other petroleum by-products which may be harmful to your skin or health in general.


Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream – Our product uses FDA approved ingredients, and is FDA registered, meaning you can be assured of the safety while using our product.

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